A Day in the Life of Calyx Owner Bob Brierley


4:30 am – Wakes up, says good morning to the family cat Mila who squints at him and goes back to sleep

4:45 am – Reviews emails from the home office and reads the newspaper with a cup of coffee

Bob 2

5:15 am – Heads to the office at 111 Middle St in Lincoln where all the construction action happens

5:30 am – Arrives at the office and opens up

5:35 am – The office is quiet and no employees have arrived yet. This is the prime time for Bob to get his head around what is happening for the day. *pours second cup of coffee*

6:00 am – Scratch that… His co-owner of the business George Constantinides, Managers, and Crew Chiefs start showing up and asking questions about the day’s work load

6:20 am – The weatherization crew starts to stroll in. He has the Crew Chiefs go over the tools and materials they will need on the trucks for the jobs that day.

6:45 am – Bob and George make sure the weatherization crews are out the door and on the road to the jobs

7:00 am – Construction crew arrives and greets Bob to see what the day holds for them

7:30 am – Meeting with George Jr. about what estimates and work orders to complete

8:00 am – The Custom Glass Shop Manager Tony comes in to start his day and greets Bob in the morning

8:30 am – Says good morning to Julie, Lauren, and Pat who work in the office

8:35 am – Meeting with Julie and Lauren to review jobs, financials, and any priorities to finish for the day

9:00 am – Every day is different for Bob but all within one day he is doing the following:

  • Reviewing jobs in progress
  • Discussing business strategies with George
  • Answering client phone calls
  • Answering sub-contractor calls
  • Answering employee calls
  • Going to new sales calls to review potential jobs
  • Creating estimates for potential jobs
  • Shifting around resources
  • Ordering supplies
  • Going to job closings

6:45 pm – Locks up the office and heads home

7:00 pm – Spends time outside around his house cleaning up the garden and working in the garage

7:30 pm – Dinner with his wife Joanne, and daughters Julie and Lauren (most likely some kind of Italian dish)

8:15 pm – Falls asleep on the couch while watching TV

9:00 pm – Joanne wakes Bob up to finally go to sleep in his own bed