3 Season Room: Your Favorite Home Addition

  1. Amazing views of your yard. Check!
  2. Low maintenance. Check!
  3. Natural light. Check!

Adding a 3 season room to your home will become an economical additional space. By extending the area of your living space with a 3 season room, you add value to your home without breaking the bank. Below are a few topics to think about going into your new project.


Window Preference:

  • UV protection windows are a great choice if you are conscious of your skin health
  • Tinted windows are nice to shade from the sun and also reduce glare
  • Interchangeable glass and screen panels can be swapped during the warmer months


Roofing Options:

  • A pitched roof with 1-2 skylights brightens up the area
  • High ceilings make it feel roomier
  • You can match it to the existing roof or even opt for energy star shingles
  • If you are into that rustic feel, a barn house plank design can mesh with your style

Flooring Choice:

  • Deck tiles are an economical choice and can be made to look like any material that matches your style
  • Wood flooring will be more expensive than the wood-tile counter part, but the wood won’t be worn down by mother nature in a 3 season room
  • If you are building up on an existing deck, make sure the rest of the structure is up to code to withstand the new weight

Say yes to the fan:

  • An outdoor ceiling fan will allow additional air flow during the heat spikes of the day
  • Keeping costs for electricity low with a fan rather than using air conditioning


Cheers to social gatherings:

  • This room is a great place to have tea, coffee, beer, or sangria with family and friends
  • You can enjoy the outdoor views and temperature without your guests getting eaten by insects



What is the actual cost?

  • For a properly managed project, a 3 season room can range from $30,000 to $80,000
  • The price reflects that all work is done to code and completed by a licensed contractor
  • The types of material you would like and the size of the space are the main cost adjusters
  • Price is altered by labor intensive costs for demolition, footings, additions, or site prep

Saving Money:

  • With a 3 season room you do not have the costs associated with insulation, heating, air conditioning, or a foundation
  • During the winter it can be used as a second fridge or freezer!

Adding on a 3 season room to your home will likely become your favorite home investment. The space can be constructed faster than a four season room and if, down the line, you would like to convert it to a four season room it would be possible. Plan now to get your project rolling in the late winter to be ready for the Spring time!

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