‘Twas the night before demolition


‘Twas the night before demolition, when all thro’ the house,
Not a creature was stirring, not even my spouse.
The cabinets were chose by myself with care,
In hopes that Calyx Builds soon would be there.
The workers were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of tape measures danc’d in their heads;
And George in his Harley’s shirt, and Bob’s cat in his lap,
Had just settled their brains for a predemo nap-
When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.
Away to the old windows I flew like a flash,
Tore open the shutters, whoops that’s a change order and more cash.
The dumpster in the driveway was covered in snow,
Was ready for the demolition to start tomorrow;
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a confused looking carpenter riding a skid steer,
With a little old tool belt, ladder and yardstick,
I knew in a moment I must help him quick.
More rapid than a hemi pickup, down the stairs I came,
Once I arrived he appeared to be sleep walking and shouting by name:
“Now! Daniel, now! Shawn, now! Steven, and Manny,
“On! Jason, on! Chris, on! Jeffrey and Mikey;
“To the start of the foundation! to insulating the kneewall!
“Now demo away! demo away! demo away all!”
I went up to him before he started to walk into my home,
With a bucket full of tools – and some spray foam;
It was George Jr. to my surprise,
And looked at me with a twinkle in his eyes;
He was dress’d all in Calyx gear, from his hat to his boot,
His prepared meals were ready to eat along with some fruit;
I tried to wake him from his sleep spell with a smack,
But he kept walking past me without looking back.
His tools dropped to the floor, his blueprint all laid out,
I waited to see how this would turnout;
Without much ado the demolition began,
He was thrashing around looking like a madman.
And in the middle of the chalky, plastery smoke
George suddenly stopped and smiled, what a strange bloke!
He turned ‘round and cleaned up his tools ever so neatly:
I moved out of his way but I didn’t have to do it discreetly.
And I laugh’d when I saw him finally cease;
He’d finished almost everything, what a great start to his masterpiece.
George picked up his tools and made his way to the front door,
I followed him out and watched him from the ground floor.
He sprung to his skid steer, which was idling to make moves,
And away he rode off, hoping Calyx Builds approves:
But I heard him exclaim, as he went out of sight-
Happy demolition to all, and to all a good night.

3 Season Room: Your Favorite Home Addition

  1. Amazing views of your yard. Check!
  2. Low maintenance. Check!
  3. Natural light. Check!

Adding a 3 season room to your home will become an economical additional space. By extending the area of your living space with a 3 season room, you add value to your home without breaking the bank. Below are a few topics to think about going into your new project.


Window Preference:

  • UV protection windows are a great choice if you are conscious of your skin health
  • Tinted windows are nice to shade from the sun and also reduce glare
  • Interchangeable glass and screen panels can be swapped during the warmer months


Roofing Options:

  • A pitched roof with 1-2 skylights brightens up the area
  • High ceilings make it feel roomier
  • You can match it to the existing roof or even opt for energy star shingles
  • If you are into that rustic feel, a barn house plank design can mesh with your style

Flooring Choice:

  • Deck tiles are an economical choice and can be made to look like any material that matches your style
  • Wood flooring will be more expensive than the wood-tile counter part, but the wood won’t be worn down by mother nature in a 3 season room
  • If you are building up on an existing deck, make sure the rest of the structure is up to code to withstand the new weight

Say yes to the fan:

  • An outdoor ceiling fan will allow additional air flow during the heat spikes of the day
  • Keeping costs for electricity low with a fan rather than using air conditioning


Cheers to social gatherings:

  • This room is a great place to have tea, coffee, beer, or sangria with family and friends
  • You can enjoy the outdoor views and temperature without your guests getting eaten by insects



What is the actual cost?

  • For a properly managed project, a 3 season room can range from $30,000 to $80,000
  • The price reflects that all work is done to code and completed by a licensed contractor
  • The types of material you would like and the size of the space are the main cost adjusters
  • Price is altered by labor intensive costs for demolition, footings, additions, or site prep

Saving Money:

  • With a 3 season room you do not have the costs associated with insulation, heating, air conditioning, or a foundation
  • During the winter it can be used as a second fridge or freezer!

Adding on a 3 season room to your home will likely become your favorite home investment. The space can be constructed faster than a four season room and if, down the line, you would like to convert it to a four season room it would be possible. Plan now to get your project rolling in the late winter to be ready for the Spring time!

They Always Like My Kitchen Best

A kitchen is a special space to express yourself through cuisine and stylish charm. Whether you’re a master chef or a frozen dinner guru, when you use your kitchen you want it to feel like it has some character that reflects your own personality. Your kitchen needs to be your “cup of tea” and you can do so by adding in a few custom details to get it to that presence you want to achieve.

The below list is compiled of 6 kitchens completed by Calyx that we think sparks their personality. These kitchens hold true to a quote on an old ceramic plaque that used to hang in my grandmothers kitchen… “No matter where I place my guests, they always like my kitchen best!”

CurvedIsland3 - edited

1. Honestly Practical

A sophisticated timeless kitchen such as this one, has everything you could ever hope for.

Extra prepping space is a must in a kitchen that gets a lot of use. And a curved island is a great way to display a buffet for family and friends get-together.

2. Sensible Creativity

The elongated island accomplishes that feel of a larger kitchen. Soft sea-green cabinets cool the kitchen down and compliment the graceful gray granite.


LargeIsland1 - edited
DSCN7306 - edited

3. Adventurous Pop of Color

To have a bold black and white tiled floor, a pop of red is a headstrong way to compliment the room. Having fun playing with a mix of modern and classic design makes this kitchen attract attention.

4. Bold and Brave

Why try to hide the stove ventilation? Breaking up the cabinets with a modern vent makes a bold statement.

The dark brown cabinets help offset the white tiled backsplash. The combination forms a sleek finished look.

2012-12-0316.08.07 - edited
IMG_0515 - edited

5. Inventive but Functional 

If you love to cook, these two details are a lifesaver in the kitchen.

Placing a faucet above the stove top is a small and simple add-on to make it easy to fill up your pots right there on the stove.

On the island there is also a hip level microwave drawer which makes it a breeze to take out full bowls of soup.

6. 1930s Enthusiast

Now this final kitchen really shows off the homeowners’ love for the 1930s!  Between the authentic fridge, custom built frame that surrounds the porcelain sink, and red checkered curtains, this kitchen really shows what it was like to live in that period of time.

IMG_2766 - edited
Blog post

Welcome to the Calyx Journal!

Welcome to our journal!

Our goal is to provide you with information to make your home renovation projects smoother and less daunting.  By arming you with the information you need, we believe that you will be better informed about our industry and ultimately make better decisions for your renovations.  After all, this is your comfort we are talking about.

In our projects, we are meticulous with every detail to give you the highest quality home renovations in the RI/MA area!  It is our goal to be just as meticulous with educating you, our buyer, so that you can have the best experience possible!

~The Calyx Team