Weatherization Work This Summer? Why Not!

Happy… almost Summer everyone! You should have weatherization on the mind!

Some of you may be thinking… why do I need to be thinking about weatherizing my home now? Summer has just begun so I don’t need to worry about that until this upcoming fall. Well let’s go through a few myths that can easily be shut down with the help of your weatherization contractor.


Myth #1: To keep my house cool all day I just need to turn on the air conditioning.

Contractor: An air conditioning unit can help with getting your house cool but it will be overworked if the cool air escapes and so your energy consumption will increase. When you weatherize your home you are helping to keep the cold air inside during the summer and the warm air inside during the winter. To make sure your electric bill stays low, keep your AC unit on low and add insulation or air sealing to your home.

Myth #2: I don’t need ventilation in my attic. That will just cause my AC unit to pump cold air outside.

Contractor: Not true. Having attic ventilation can help in many different ways. First off, during the summer months, the surplus of heat in your attic can either be trapped inside and fight with your AC unit or it can escape through a professionally installed attic vent. Secondly, this can also help with moisture problems in your attic throughout the winter months. Attic ventilation and an insulated attic floor will work together to make sure the right amount of air stays in and filters out to save you money.

Myth #3: Every house needs to breathe and insulation will make it too airtight.

Contractor: Yes, every house needs to breathe so that carbon monoxide doesn’t build up but there is a happy medium in every house to keep quality air in. Let’s talk about how most homes have more leaks than necessary. These leaks aren’t just from your windows and doors, but from your garage, basement, attic, crawl spaces, and piping. To make sure we find that happy medium, we do what’s called a blower door test (combustion safety testing). This test will show how much air is leaking out of your house before we install the insulation. Then we test again at the end of the work to ensure the home still breathes but keeps in more of that quality air.

Myth #4: I thought weatherization was expensive and the costs are more than the benefit.

Contractor: If you haven’t heard that you are eligible for a No-Cost Home Energy Assessment yet then this will be a game changer for you! After your home has been assessed you could save anywhere from 25-75% off your total weatherization costs. If you look at your utility bill you are probably already paying into this program. With these funds you can see your cost to benefit sooner than you think. Why wait to have your home running efficiently? Give us a call today to get started!