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A beautiful porch makes for a warm welcome.

Your home’s entrance should be feel comforting and inviting to all who approach it.  Whether it be a front porch or vintage style portico, we’ll give you a warming entryway.


Make the most of your backyard.

Gear up for the summer months and invest now in the addition or renovation of a rear deck, allowing you to enjoy the warm weather in style. Or we can help design a four-seasons deck room that you’ll be able to enjoy year round.  The choice is yours.

Roofing | Weather the storm with confidence.

Your roof is the first line of protection between your home and the skies above.  Our roofing contractors will make sure it’s built to last, in durability and image.


Skylights | Open up a room to the skies above.

Add life to any room by installing a skylight.  We can easily determine if a skylight is feasible for any room in your home, and if remote control capabilities are feasible for your budget.

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Build your dream deck!

Provide your family & friends with outdoor comfort.

Modifying your home with a porch or deck can provide a great atmosphere for outdoor functions. At Calyx, your comfort matters to us. Signup for a free consultation today!

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Vinyl Siding | Add modern color and character to your home’s exterior

Vinyl siding is the most popular choice in remodeling and new construction today.  It won’t split or rot like wood and you’ll never worry about painting your home again.

You can enjoy all the comfort and attractiveness that comes with quality siding installation without the burden of maintenance.


Shingle Siding | Some prefer traditional beauty.

Vinyl siding isn’t for every home and we understand that.  Fortunately, we have the experience to provide you with a more traditional method of siding should that be your preference.

Wood Flooring | Custom flooring and carpentry that leaves you breathless.

No more scratches, marks, or creaking in your floor.  Our experienced floor and carpenter trade contractors will work with you to find the perfect wood design to accentuate your home.


Tile Flooring | Explore a world of tile surfaces and designs.

Create a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom, or find the perfect pattern to complement your kitchen countertops and cabinetry.  Whatever it may be, we’ll help you find that perfect design.

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