They Always Like My Kitchen Best

A kitchen is a special space to express yourself through cuisine and stylish charm. Whether you’re a master chef or a frozen dinner guru, when you use your kitchen you want it to feel like it has some character that reflects your own personality. Your kitchen needs to be your “cup of tea” and you can do so by adding in a few custom details to get it to that presence you want to achieve.

The below list is compiled of 6 kitchens completed by Calyx that we think sparks their personality. These kitchens hold true to a quote on an old ceramic plaque that used to hang in my grandmothers kitchen… “No matter where I place my guests, they always like my kitchen best!”

CurvedIsland3 - edited

1. Honestly Practical

A sophisticated timeless kitchen such as this one, has everything you could ever hope for.

Extra prepping space is a must in a kitchen that gets a lot of use. And a curved island is a great way to display a buffet for family and friends get-together.

2. Sensible Creativity

The elongated island accomplishes that feel of a larger kitchen. Soft sea-green cabinets cool the kitchen down and compliment the graceful gray granite.


LargeIsland1 - edited
DSCN7306 - edited

3. Adventurous Pop of Color

To have a bold black and white tiled floor, a pop of red is a headstrong way to compliment the room. Having fun playing with a mix of modern and classic design makes this kitchen attract attention.

4. Bold and Brave

Why try to hide the stove ventilation? Breaking up the cabinets with a modern vent makes a bold statement.

The dark brown cabinets help offset the white tiled backsplash. The combination forms a sleek finished look.

2012-12-0316.08.07 - edited
IMG_0515 - edited

5. Inventive but Functional 

If you love to cook, these two details are a lifesaver in the kitchen.

Placing a faucet above the stove top is a small and simple add-on to make it easy to fill up your pots right there on the stove.

On the island there is also a hip level microwave drawer which makes it a breeze to take out full bowls of soup.

6. 1930s Enthusiast

Now this final kitchen really shows off the homeowners’ love for the 1930s!  Between the authentic fridge, custom built frame that surrounds the porcelain sink, and red checkered curtains, this kitchen really shows what it was like to live in that period of time.

IMG_2766 - edited